Non Condensing Boiler Replacement

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    Non Condensing Boiler Replacement

    Free Non-Condensing Boiler Replacements

    By taking advantage of the latest Government ECO4 scheme, you can replace your old non-condensing gas boiler with a new A-rated combi boiler for free, with boiler guarantees. At Eco 4 Energy Grants, we have years of experience in helping homeowners reduce their energy costs, and we've made it easy to check if you qualify for a grant to replace your old boiler.

    Replace Your Boiler for Free

    To qualify for a heating grant that covers the cost of replacing your boiler, you must either be the homeowner or a property resident who receives one of the qualifying benefits. Once we verify your eligibility, a Gas Safe registered surveyor will conduct a free, no-obligation survey at your property.

    Choose the Perfect Condensing Boiler with Our Experts

    With many condensing boilers available on the market in the UK, it can take time to choose the right one for your home. Our experts help you select the appropriate size and model based on your heating and hot water requirements.

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    Proudly serving across the UK, Eco 4 Energy Grants extends its commitment to energy conservation and sustainability to homes and businesses nationwide.

    Nationwide Scheme

    Switching to a central heating system offers benefits beyond reduced energy consumption. Compared to electric heaters, a central heating system facilitates consistent temperature maintenance throughout your home. Additionally, a modern central heating system can enhance your home’s value and improve its marketability. Most central heating systems are compatible with smart thermostats, enabling you to regulate your home’s temperature remotely..